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Dying Girl Gets Cat That Saves Family

This is one of the most touching, inspiring, sad, and amazing cat stories we have ever heard. It is the story of Kylie Myers, an amazing 12-year old who was dying from metastatic bone cancer. Hope was held out that treatment could help, but that hope was short-lived. When it became clear that Kylie was going to die, the family called a rescue shelter and asked to foster a kitten for the duration of Kylie’s remaining time. Within an hour the kitten had arrived. That’s when Kylie, who had an amazing personality even throughout her suffering, declared:

“Her name is Eliza, but you shall call her Liza.”

And thus the foster kitten had its name.

But Liza was no ordinary kitten. It was one so in tune with what was going on that it would end up saving Kylie’s family even after their amazing daughter had moved on. How? Watch this incredible video to see.

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