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Cat Public Service Announcement (PSA)

This video was created by CatVideos.TV as a Public Service Announcement. It was created for the First Annual Oregon Cat Video Festival video competition. The purpose was to help people understand what they could do to help shelters that care for cats and kittens. Ways to help include:

1) Adopt a cat if it is within your means and if you can give it a loving “forever home.”

2) Volunteer at cat shelters or make regular donations to them.

3) Shop at thrift shops that support or are run by cat shelters.

4) Shop at You will be prompted to select a charity (like a local cat shelter) and a portion of everything you purchase from will go to that shelter! Be sure to bookmark it because if you go to instead then they will not get anything from your purchases. It must be

5) Foster cats or kittens if you have the time and space.

These are just a few things you can do to help out local cat shelters and thrift stores in your community. Do you have more ideas? If so, share them in the Comments section below:

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